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2017 OAGS Athletics Carnival

The weather finally decided to be nice to us and the 2017 OAGS Athletics Carnival was held on Monday 27th March.

It was wonderful to see so many students participating proudly for their House and cheering each other on. The whole School, K-12, positively participated in fun and engaging activities and obviously enjoyed each other’s company. Events ranged from the traditional 100m sprints and 800m run, through Discus, Long jump and the fun novelty events.

Students were keen to “have a go” at things just because they were supporting their House and earning points. There were a number of students who volunteered to help at events in order to earn bonus points for their House. These bonus points added up quickly and made a significant difference to the final totals!

Events like this always require a huge amount of volunteers to run effectively. At OAGS, we are lucky to have enthusiastic staff, who are able to organise and run the events in a timely manner. We were also supported on the day by a huge team of parent volunteers. Without their help, things would have been much more difficult to officiate. Thank you to Janet Saran, Gemma Green, Jane Chung, Kelly Ingham, Clair Blair, Sue Lee, Lucinda Bradford and Emma Wright.

At the end of the day, there can only be one winner. The Champion Athletics House for 2017 is Dinawan,

Congratulations to the following students who were named Athletics Champions and Reserve Champions:

Junior Primary Champions - Lucy Martin & Harry Robertson

Junior Primary Reserve Champions - Jocelyn Blair & Marley Ash

Senior Primary Champions - Jessica Curtin & Tom Bock

Senior Primary Reserve Champions - Grace Stringer & Arthur Locke

Junior Secondary Champions - Lily Martin & Bayden Willis

Junior Secondary Reserve Champions - Amelia Davis & Cody Whyburn

Intermediate Secondary Champions - Kate Elliott & Jackson Willis

Intermediate Secondary Reserve Champions - Phillipa Mannix & George Wingfield

Senior Secondary Champions and Reserve Champions will be announced when all events have been completed.

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