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Introducing Ms Kelly-Ann Sackey

A wise person once said 'It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together'. Here at OAGS we are lucky to have a team of wonderful Teachers that have combined their passion with career.

Ms Kelly-Ann Sackey is a prime example. She has a passion for all things Science, combined with a career in Secondary Education. Ms Sackey is one of the amazing teachers who supports, mentors and enlightens Secondary Students as they approach their HSC; and she actually enjoys every moment!

While many of our Teachers are taking a well-earned rest over the school holidays, Ms Sackey is headed to Hobart to attend CONASTA 66; the annual science education conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA). As the major science education event in Australia, CONASTA has a strong reputation for offering high quality and stimulating professional learning experiences for science teachers, school laboratory technicians/managers and others with an interest in science education. As a delegate at the conference, Ms Sackey joins other representatives from all Australian states and territories, government and non-government schools, all years of schooling and from metropolitan, rural and remote locations.

Ms Sackey is a firm believer that as a passionate educator she must also have a passion for continuous learning. She recently attended the LEaST Workshop in Bathurst. This exciting event is known as the Engineering Link Group's award-winning 'Linking Engineers and Scientists with Teachers' and it is sponsored and held at Charles Sturt University. At this interactive workshop, Ms Sackey, along with Mr Watts and Ms Taylor, had the opportunity to work alongside professional engineers, other experienced teachers and the CSU Engineering and Science Staff. A highlight of this opportunity was the chance to touch base with past OAGS student Luke Robinson (pictured), who is now studying Engineering at CSU after receiving a Band 6 in Design and Technology in his HSC.

Putting aside their passion for educating students, and continual personal learning, many of our teachers have keen interest that keep them very busy in their spare time. Following on from the CONASTA 66 Conference, Ms Sackey will be heading to fulfill her personal passion for all things Alpacas! A keen Alapaca farmer and enthusiast, Ms Sackey will spend the later portion of the break at the CAMELIDynamics 3 day Alpaca Clinic at Regal House Alpacas NSW.

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