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Choir Eisteddfod Success!

Friday was a day to celebrate success in the performing arts arena. No success is ever without its hard work, dedication and a true belief in the good that comes from singing in a choir.

So much gratitude and credit must be mentioned of our highly credentialed and valued Mrs Dwyer, who put down the foundations many months ago and has refined to perfection the vocal excellence that was witnessed by many on Friday.

Behind the scenes we were able to call in to action Mrs Priscilla Colgan and this week Mrs Jo Lenton to take the reigns of what was already a magnificently oiled and maintained singing ensemble; but it is the children that are to be congratulated. They represented their school with pride and will now, as part of the spoils of their success, have their School's name forever engraved on the Orange Eisteddfod Stage 1 and 2 Primary Choir Trophy.

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