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Year 11 Commencement Dinner

We started a new tradition at OAGS this week as we gathered for our first ever Year 11 Commencement dinner. Coinciding with the first day of Autumn, the Year 11s feverishly worked in the afternoon to transform the Senior Study outdoor area into an alfresco dining courtyard. The effect was stunning (the pictures speak for themselves). Under the tireles and expert eyes of Mrs Karen Huntley and Mrs Amanda Jewell, the venue soon looked like a wedding reception and as guests arrived the ambience was electrifying. Mrs Fisher from the canteen catered a street food menu, ably assisted by her team of Year 10 helpers who acted as waiters, mocktail creators, ushers and kitchen hands. Well done to Year 10, it’s your turn next year!

The evening served as a moment in time where we as a staff gathered with the families of Year 11 to offer them our support and encouragement as they take this enormous step up into their senior most years of schooling. The evening included a marvellous menu of fine food and drink, dessert, speeches and of course some impromptu dancing to wrap up the night. God was very kind to us with a picture perfect evening in Orange with the rising full moon, a gentle breeze and perfect temperatures. Year 11 we wish you well, we are with you, behind you and beside you every step of the way.

In addition to those people already mentioned above, special thanks go out to Mrs Lucinda Bradford and the P&F for the catering equipment and flowers, Felicity and Stuart Harris, Tim and Kelli Johnston for providing props/equipment and Beau and Katie Baddock for the Agrestic wine barrels.

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