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Stage 1 Western Plains Zoo Excursion

On Friday April 6th, all of Stage 1 went to Dubbo to experience the amazing Western Plains Zoo.

We had spent many weeks preparing for the excursion in class and everyone was extremely excited when the day finally arrived.

On arrival we were met by the Education Team. They took us to the Classroom to get up close and personal with some of the creatures that live in our backyards, including a shy possum named Hush and a friendly Blue tongue lizard.

Then it was off to the Zoo. We split into groups and followed our maps which took us on a 5 kilometre safari. Along the way we stopped to watch and listen to Zoo keeper talks about the Hippo’s, African Wild Dogs and Cheetahs. The Simang Monkeys put on a show for us while we sat and ate our lunch.

Then it was off to the new Lion Enclosure and some more familiar Australian animals such as Emus, Red Kangaroos and Dingos.

Our last stop was the Gift and Souvenir Shop. We spent all our pocket money on cuddly toys and keyrings before getting back on the bus for our return trip.

It was a very hot day but we made sure we drank lots of water and the Coach was air conditioned so we were able to cool down after all our walking.

A huge thank you to all the parents that helped on the day. Sue Doyle, Sue Lee, Elisa Petschel, Jane Chung, Jean Meiring and Jill Brown did an amazing job leading their groups and the day would not have been possible without their assistance.

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