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Welcome to our Scots Greys!

It with great excitement that I would like to announce the arrival of our new Primary School Chickens. They are currently located in the garden area near the playground equipment.

The girls, yet to be names, are a breed of chicken called Scots Grey. They are a very rare heritage breed - in fact they are considered endangered by many.

These are the first of our new chicken program. Stage 3 Jamaica also has 6 eggs in an incubator that we are looking forward to watching hatch early in Week 3. Any females that hatch will also be kept to grow our flock. Our hope is that we can develop a small breeding program for this rare breed of chicken, grow their numbers in existence, appreciate them for their "pets as therapy" type benefits for the children, learn responsibility through the necessary care and maintenance of our flock and, potentially, show them in poultry shows.

Our Students are encouraged to look at and appreciate the chickens. They will be allowed free range in the primary playground at recess and lunch from next week, when they have had a chance to settle in. Stage 3 will be responsible for their feeding and maintenance. However, my hope is that in the future, other classes may like to assist with egg collection, feeding food scraps from Fruito and preparation for shows.

Thank you to Grace Simpson who created the pictured slides that provides excellent information and facts about the breed.

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