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Wheelchair Sports Roadshow

Wheelchair Sports NSW visited OAGS this week with their highly successful educational Wheelchair Basketball Program. The OAGS PASS students are currently engaging in a unit designed around coaching and enhancing performance which involves strengthening their knowledge and understanding of inclusivity.

Brendon Talbott, Director of Wheelchair Sports NSW, presented the program, which raises awareness of wheelchair sport, creates a greater understanding of people with disabilities, encourages acceptance and integration, promotes Wheelchair Sports NSW to potential new members and includes associated road safety messages.

Brendon was born with spina bifida and has been involved with WS NSW for the past 40 years, where as a junior he competed in Junior National Games, including the inaugural Games in 1981 and as NSW Team Captain in 1985. Brendon also played in senior basketball and tennis competitions. Brendon currently works for the WS NSW Basketball Roadshow as a senior presenter of the program. Brendon regularly volunteers at WS NSW events including the Junior Wheelie Christmas Camp and the Annual Dinner Committee. Brendon is a passionate believer in providing sporting opportunities for all our juniors and newer members. He has been on the Board at WS NSW for the past 15 years.

The students enjoyed Brendon's highly engaging presentation and then had a wonderful, yet challenging time, playing Wheelchair basketball on the OAGS courts.

Thank you to Brendon and Wheelchair Sports NSW for bringing this program to the students of Orange Anglican Grammar School. We are very grateful and hope to welcome you back in the coming years.

To read more about the wonderful work that Wheelchair Sports NSW do please visit their website:

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