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Army Cadet Unit - 252 ACU

Attention!!! A new Army Cadet Unit 252ACU Orange

The Army Cadet NSW Brigade HQ has approved the opening of a new Army Cadet Unit, ‘252ACU’ based at Orange Anglican Grammar School(OAGS). The Headmaster of OAGS Rev Louis Stringer has been working with Army cadets for the past 15 years and served as a British Paratrooper in the Reserve and Regular Army in the UK from the age of 17. In his time Major(AAC) Stringer has commanded both regional community based units like 235ACU in Dubbo, as well as private school based units like SHORE Cadet Unit in North Sydney.

252ACU will be open to both students from OAGS as well as the wider community. The OAGS Headmaster said he embraces the idea of community, and sharing resources to facilitate an Army Cadet Unit; An Army Cadet Unit that Orange can be proud of and that will shape a young generation of future leaders.

‘This is a cause for much celebration! I am confident that 252ACU will provide our young men and women of Orange a thriving platform for leadership development and service for many years to come.’ Rev Louis Stringer

Colonel Brendan Casey, Commander of NSW Australian Army Cadet Brigade, visited OAGS today to announce the opening of the new unit. On meeting some of the future cadets and staff and seeing the current construction of a large 1250 square metre undercover 252ACU Parade Ground, COL Casey said ‘252ACU Orange is well and truly off to a flying start”

There are lots of reasons why school age children would love joining 252ACU. Apart from getting involved in all kinds of action and adventures (camping, abseiling and boating), they also make heaps of new friends. Joining the Army Cadets provides the chance to experience a really awesome time by getting into some adventurous activities conducted in a military setting. There are more than 14,000 Army cadets based in 224 units around Australia.

252ACU participants will learn to be confident, self sufficient and willing to 'have a go'. It's an opportunity to discover new challenges and have some unbelievable fun. Army Cadets learn how to lead others and work as a member of a team. Cadet life is physical but not risky, with Safety always being a top priority.

Young people who are 13 years of age anytime in the year are eligible to enrol in 252ACU. Once enrolled, they may remain as a cadet until the end of the year in which they attain 18 years of age. A cadet in the AAC is not a member of the Australian Defence Force and whilst Australian Army Cadets have strong links to the Australian Army, cadets are not part of the Army and there are no expectations that cadets join the Army after Year 12.

For more information on Army Cadets go to or if you are interested in joining 252ACU send an email to

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