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400 Students @ OAGS

Yes, you read this right... we have officially tipped over 400 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, with a staggering 89 new students being welcomed in Term 1 of 2019. This is such an exciting milestone in the life of our school. There are so many wonderful things to celebrate and look forward to in the coming year, including but certainly not limited to:

- 150% growth in the Secondary School

- More dedicated learning support

- A newly structured welfare team, with a dedicated Head of Student Wellbeing

- The expansion of the LEAP program to include Stage 3 (upper primary students)

- The official opening of the multipurpose covered outdoor learning area (sporting courts and parade ground)

- The commencement of the community Cadet Unit hosted onsite at OAGS

- More sporting opportunities than ever before

- STEM Academy participation

- A thriving Parents and Friends association

This morning we welcomed our Kindergarten, Year 7 and Year 11 students for 2019. Tomorrow we will welcome the remainder of our students and begin another busy year of friendship, fun and learning.

Our wonderful Kindergarten Teachers Mrs Dwyer and Mrs Purvis were ready and excited this morning as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of their students. From all reports they had a great day getting to know each other, and the students will no-doubt sleep very well this evening!

Our Year 7 students commenced their first day of Secondary School with the help of their Year 11 Peer Support leaders. They spent the day navigating the new routines, programs and timetables, and most importantly forging new friendships and support networks.

Our online 'live' calendar aims to keep you up to date with the events and happenings around the grounds. We encourage you to come along and join us at the many carnivals and community events that we host throughout the year.

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