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Positive growth continues at OAGS

OAGS continues to go viral….

The extraordinary times continue at OAGS. Not because of COVID-19, but because amidst the lock downs, social isolation, and remote learning, as we return face to face, we see more and more new faces. Unexpected, unprecedented, positive growth across the School. On Monday of this week, I had the pleasure of introducing two new students to Secondary, with nine more new enrolling students commencing across the School next term. We have waiting lists this year in Transition (OAGS Pre-Kindergarten), Year 7 is at capacity and mid year enrolments continue rolling in. Our School is quite evidently continuing to thrive. Whilst we have put our building program on hold to support our families in need, recommencement is necessary if we are going to continue to provide our growing number of students high quality teaching and learning spaces for 2021.

Last year we had Stage 4 students engage in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) competition, designing a new library. The response from the students was engaging and innovative. Each team's design reflected creative and insightful thinking on what makes a good space for students to gather, work, share their learning and access school resources; A Student HUB. The winning team, Kate, Grace, Hannah and Lilly, were invited back last week to help finalise the final design concept. The design incorporates their open learning spaces, whilst engaging the external relationships of existing areas through glass partitioning of indoor/outdoor learning spaces and the Media Centre. The School’s architect and project manager were impressed with the winning team’s ongoing contribution and insightful commentary on the proposed design concept. We look forward to the build's commencement towards the end of the year.

This week alone I have had the privilege of conducting 7 enrolment tours and interviews for prospective families. I eagerly anticipate the moment I am able to walk them through the new Student HUB. We have also finalised the scholarship applications for with a number of scholarships offered to a highly competitive field of incoming Year 7 2021 students. Indeed, 7 of which are currently serving as Yr 6 Captains or Vice Captains in their respective primary schools. We look forward to welcoming all our successful scholars, and many more new Students to the OAGS Year 7 cohort in Term 4 for our traditional Orientation Day.

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