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Ag Tour 2020 - Day 1

One of the major activities for the new school Agriculture Program was an extensive tour of some of New South Wales best primary industry produces. We will be featuring some of our wonderful hosts in a series of blog posts.

Day one Blue-E beef

The Blue-E beef breed was developed by Jon Wright over 20 years ago and is Australia’s only genetically selected beef herd based on measured feed conversion efficiency . This means every single animal is genetically evaluated for its ability to turn grass and grain into a kilogram of meat. Jon has also been involved in measuring methane emissions with the University of Sydney and students were able look at the methane emissions and feed intake measuring equipment. Jon hopes to value add his beef by offering consumers beef that is more sustainably farmed with regards to methane emissions. The research has shown that different animals can be 80 percent more efficient and converting feed to meat and reducing environmental impact.

The herd is developed from a 50:50 ration of Shorthorn: Angus bloodlines with selection based on reproductive and feed efficiency.

You can read more about Blue-E Beef here:

Picture 1- Stage 5 students Millie Patterson and Grace Stringer look at the feed weighing cells that measure each animals intake using the transponder in its ear to calculate feed intake against weight gain.

Picture 2 - Stud stock breeder Jon Wright explains the need for sustainable agricultural grazing systems to students

Picture 3 - The methane emissions measuring devices measures gases while animals feed over a 3 minute period and transmits data via satellite overseas.


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