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Better Buddies with Stage 3

For many years now our Year 6 Students have participated in the Alannah and Madeline Foundation 'Better Buddies' Program. Given the amazing success of this program, which compliments our Stage 3 leadership and peer support opportunities, we are thrilled to be able to expand Better Buddies to include Year 5! These students have buddied up with our new Transition students for the year and are enjoying the opportunity to welcome our newest additions and create lasting bonds for their very first year in the OAGS uniform.

Better Buddies teaches students the values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility. The Framework ai

ms to create positive behaviour, as well as build students’ self-esteem, connectedness, social skills, trust and sense of community. Read more about this amazing program here:

Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) is a key point in the life of our primary students as they become the leaders of the primary school and prepare for the rigours of Secondary education. In Term 1, the Stage 3 students have the great opportunity of participating in the Secondary Experience Week whilst the Secondary students are away on camp. This is a highlight for the Stage 3 students as they spend the week in the Secondary classrooms experiencing 'a week in the life of a secondary student'. Some examples of the program include cooking in the food technology kitchens, exciting experiments in the science labs, Wood tech and art in the workshops, and getting up close with the Alpacas in the Ag Plot.

In Week 9, Stage 3 will head off on their week-long outdoor education camp, forging some great friendships, supporting each other and learning many skills as they tackle challenges that are outside of the ordinary. In Term 3 and 4 all Stage 3 students participate in Peer Support Training and have the opportunity to lead activities with a group of students from across the primary school.

Enrolling in Stage 3 at OAGS automatically secures your place in year 7 without the fear of being wait-listed. Given the popularity and waiting lists for Year 7 in recent times we recommend commencing your journey at OAGS as early as possible. The opportunities offered, particularly from year 5 onwards, are key to preparing our students for a seamless transition into Secondary schooling. To book your enrolment tour and secure your position visit or phone 02 6360 4811.


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