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Cross Country 2021

Below are all the live results from the OAGS Cross Country 2021

Stage 1 Boys

1st Timothy Napier, 2nd Edward Brown, 3rd Thomas Brown

Stage 2 Girls

1st Genevieve Wallace, 2nd Ellah Chung, 3rd Willow Molloy

8/9 Girls

1st Jovi Birkin, 2nd Nadiya Hazelton, 3rd Montana Blowes

8/9 Boys

1st Charlie Wright, 2nd Ezekiel Delaney, 3rd William Johnstone

10 Years girls

1st Daisy Dwyer, 2nd Emily Meiring, 3rd Ava Jarrett

10 Years Boys

1st Samuel Butt, 2nd Henry Jones, 3rd Patrick Blair

11 Years Girls

1st Skye Napier, 2nd Lucy Jurd, 3rd Adelaide Thompson

11 Years Boys

1st Samuel Brown, 2nd Hayden Hyde, 3rd Joshua Hazelton

12 Years Girls

1st Charlotte Meiring, 2nd Miley O'Brien, 3rd Calai Bunworth

12 Years Boys

1st Kayne Birkin, 2nd Dexter Lloyd, 3rd Oscar Paul

18 Years Boys

1st Pad Dwyer, 2nd Jock Johnston, 3rd Ryan Chirenje

18 Years Girls

1st Isabella Noble, 2nd Reala Glanford, 3rd Emily Patterson

17 Years Girls

1st Lily Martin, 2nd Adelaide Webster, 3rd Georgia Oakes

17 Year Boys

1st Bayden Willis, 2nd Rhys Johnston, 3rd Jack Gordon

16 Years Girls

1st Jess Curtin, 2nd Olivia Hazelton-Berry, 3rd Claudia Horan

16 Years Boys

1st Jacob Norcott, 2nd Oliver Colgan, 3rd Oliver Thompson

15 Years Boys

1st Keegan Willis, 2nd Hayden Spedding, 3rd Nate Lee

15 Years Girls

1st Grace Stringer

14 Years Girls

1st Isla Stringer, 2nd Charli Hunter, 3rd Lylah Doherty

14 Years Boys

1st Marley Ash, 2nd Ben Postma, 3rd Seamus Dwyer

12/13 Girls

1st Milla Jurd, 2nd Jocelyn Blair, 3rd Lucy Martin

12/13 Boys

1st Blake Gleeson, 2nd Ben Polley, 3rd Lachlan Wirth


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