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As part of our strong and ongoing commitment to 21st Century teaching and learning, Orange Anglican Grammar School has a student BYOD programme that commences in Stage 3. 

The school has undertaken significant network upgrades that ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to meet the educational needs of our students. This includes wireless access points, network switches and a faster internet connection. 

These upgrades have been undertaken with the curriculum and our student needs in mind. The Australian Curriculum emphasises the significant differences inherent in learning in the 21st century. The whole curriculum is built around the development of a set of general capabilities: literacy, numeracy, ICT competence, creative and critical thinking, ethical behaviour, personal and social competence, and intercultural understanding. Together, these capabilities are important to individuals living in a world where technology allows for learning to occur 'anywhere, anytime'.

There are many reasons to go BYOD. These include:

  • Bridging the gap between school and home.

  • Personalised and differentiated learning, eg. Using Canvas (a Learning Management System) as a platform and a variety of software services to produce quality pieces of work, accessibility and options to adjust to learners’ needs.

  • Augmenting best teaching practice by redefining and modifying what students can do.

  • Allowing students more control of their learning.

  • Building student organisation skills and sense of responsibility.

  • Engaging students.

  • Developing skills and knowledge in preparation for learning strategies used in Secondary School


It is important to note here that a device sits alongside and supports what may be regarded as the more traditional skills such as handwriting, reading books, research and many more. At OAGS we operate a blended learning environment that aims to incorporate the best of different pedagogical approaches to learning.

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