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Leveraging Enhanced Academic Performance
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The LEAP programme at Orange Anglican Grammar School is an invitational programme which aims to serve both Primary and Secondary students in leveraging and enhacing their academic performance. 

Students selected for this extra-curricular programme will meet for a timetabled LEAP session each week. During that time, they will be taught a differentiated curriculum stressing higher order thinking skills, technological skills, and the languages and arts. There will also be opportunities for cross-curricular enrichment through a range of STEM and literary related excursions and competitions.

Mentoring is a wonderful tool for young people to grow both personally and professionally and there is a great deal of research supporting its many benefits. As such, individualised staff and peer mentorship is a key aspect of the LEAP programme, allowing students to further stretch themselves academically. This will be achieved through viewing issues from a variety of perspectives, focusing on problem-solving, decision-making and a pursuit of personal interests. Each student will also receive a specialised individual learning plan that addresses, extends and further leverages academic performance in areas of student interest as well as improving overall academic growth.


Students are invited to participate in the LEAP programme based on the following criteria: 


  1. Teacher rating on learning characteristics and communication-precision skills 

  2. Review of academic records 

  3. Review of standardised test scores 

  4. Writing Samples 

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