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Orange Anglican Grammar School is a school within The Anglican Schools Corporation (TASC), previously known as Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation (SASC).


It is governed by a School Council, which is appointed by the Board of the Corporation. 


Since the School’s purchase by the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation in September 2013, the Council has overseen the rapid development of the School’s facilities and the development from a young school into one of maturity and established reputation. Members of the local community serve the School in its governance capacity, providing stewardship of the School’s ethos, traditions and future directions, as well as providing support and resources for the Headmaster and his staff.


School Council

Mrs Tracey Drabsch (Acting Chair)

Mr David Bracey

Mr Tom Sheehan

Mr Greg Catto

Rev Andy Martin

The day-to-day management of the School, including such matters as enrolments, staffing, spiritual education and all other educational programs is vested in the Headmaster, Rev Louis Stringer, who is supported by an experienced and capable Executive Team



Mr Scott Hazelton, Deputy Headmaster

Mr Robert Watts, Director of Data and Analytics 

Mrs Jessica Willis, Director of Primary

Mr Tim Brown, Director of Secondary

Mrs Nicki Johnston, Leader of Culture

Mr David Whittingham, Chaplaincy Leader

The Anglican Schools Corporation is a ministry of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.  


The Objects of the Corporation are:


Our Vision is: serving Christ by equipping students for His world

Our Mission is: to provide affordable quality Christian education


Our Strategic Objectives are:

  1. To provide high quality education that is shaped by the Bible.

  2. To communicate in word and deed the gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the wider community.

  3. To provide education that is financially accessible to local communities.

  4. To operate the Corporation efficiently and safely.

  5. To grow the Corporation.

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