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The wearing of a school uniform helps children feel a sense of belonging. A school uniform is also an important mark of identification within the local community.


Orange Grammar has a very distinctive and attractive uniform. It is hoped that every student will wear it with pride. Parents play an important part in maintaining a high standard of dress, by ensuring that their child wears correct uniform to school each day.

Click here to view the full OAGS Updated Uniform Policy. 


The P-12 Orange Grammar uniforms are exclusively available from Orange Clothing Company, located at 4 McNamara Lane Orange NSW.  

For new students, it is advisable to book an appointment for a uniform fitting. 

Second Hand Clothing

The OAGS P & F operate a thriving Second Chance Clothing store, offering great quality uniforms at affordable prices. This store is generally open once per term, with dates being published in the newsletter and in the online calendar.

Many parents also choose to list items on 'Buy Swap and Sell' pages on Facebook. 

At OAGS we are a SunSmart School. Please see our Cancer Council endorsed policy here. 

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