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Welcome to Orange Anglican Grammar School, a growing school established in 2007 to serve the families of Orange and the surrounding district. This is a young, vibrant community, where children are encouraged to explore their potential and revel in the challenge of learning.

Our vision is to assist and encourage each young person to develop their whole character and being. Within a caring Christian environment, each student is  valued as an individual and shown and taught the importance of respecting those with whom they interact.


At OAGS, faith provides the direction and goal of our understanding and talents; it facilitates holistic education. Faith encourages us to address every aspect of our students’ development, including their physical, creative, social and emotional, moral and spiritual, academic and intellectual needs. Faith means all students are welcome in our school community, where they grow in their whole character.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community.

Rev Louis Stringer 



Trinity Grammar 1924-1952

Orange Grammar's origins lie in a much older Anglican school - Trinity Grammar School - which was founded in 1924, and commenced classes in one of the oldest and best preserved churches of Orange, now known as the Blue Stone Building, on Anson Street. The following notice and photo appear in the Orange and District Illustrated History book of 1928. They provide insight into the Trinity Grammar School of 1928.


Orange Anglican Grammar School commenced operations in January 2007 in the Holy Trinity Memorial Hall, right next to the original Trinity Grammar of the 20th century. It is now situated at 7 Murphy Lane on a 10 hectare site on the north west fringe of Orange. This land will provide Orange Grammar with the opportunity to establish a campus, suitable for the needs of students of the 21st century. State of the art technology, combined with environmentally sensitive architecture are features of the campus. The campus currently caters for over 400 children, and will be large enough to accommodate an enrolment of 700 students Transition to Year 12. 


Pictured below is an aerial photograph of the Murphy Lane site, taken in 2017.



Representations of Christianity are visible through the Bishop's Mitre and the Cross. The three circles on the cross stand for The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. The Pinnacle and Mount Canobolas are represented as well known landmarks in the district. The stars underneath are representative of the Southern Cross.

'Seek the Truth' 

Every human has within them a deep desire to know what is true and reliable, what lies at the very core of our being. We as Christian people believe that Truth is found in Jesus Christ who said, 'I am the way, I am Truth, I am Life. No one comes to the Father except by me.' (John 14:6) For us Christians, Seeking the Truth is to seek to know God in Jesus Christ. We believe that this will enable us to live full and satisfying lives and that in Seeking the Truth we will enrich the whole of the society in which we live. Our School is a community where we Seek the Truth in all our activities and learning.

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